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Russian potato salad Olivier recipe

Is Olivier salad the best known Russian dish? It is definitely one of the most loved and popular with Russians themselves. Olivier salad, or Russian (potato) salad, is an ‘unavoidable’ part of the New Year table, a large bowl of … Continue reading

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Salted / pickled herrings ‘seledka’ recipe

Pickling herrings involves soaking (brining) herrings in a liquid with salt, sugar and spices. Lightly salted herring is a very popular traditional dish not only in Russia, but also in Holland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and some other northern countries. In … Continue reading

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Russian squash spread “Kabachkovaya ikra” recipe

This classic Soviet time recipe of squash (marrow) spread (puree, sauce, dip) ‘Kabachkovaya ikra’ is actually made with marrows, not squashes. A marrow (large courgette or zucchini), see a picture below, is quite popular and widely grown in Russia. I … Continue reading

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