Welcome to RussianFood-ie!

I created this blog for anyone who is interested to learn how to cook delicious Russian food at home. I would like to share and celebrate my favourite tasty and simple Russian recipes, family meal ideas and some festive Russian dishes.

This blog is about what Russian food is today. Modern Russian cuisine is the contemporary take on the traditional Russian table with significant influence of the Soviet era as well as huge input from the national cuisines of ex-soviet states and Russia’s ethnic regions. So don’t be surprised if you find some delicious Asian recipes (like Uzbek Plov pilaf rice dish) alongside some funny Soviet “deficit survival” dishes (like marrow/squash spread Kabachkovaya ikra) in this blog.

I was born and raised in Russia in a family with big love for cooking and food. My grandmother was a great cook and so is my mother. A table, “breaking” under excessive amount of festive food and elaborate dishes, is a very old Russian tradition of hospitality and this is still alive today.

I also plan to invite my Russian friends to introduce their favourite family dishes. We will share the recipe, pictures and instructions how to cook the dish from the ingredients available in a local food store.

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Enjoy the blog and Bon Appétit or Priyatnogo appetita as we say in Russian!

Sincerely yours,

Oksana Jeter
Surrey, England


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