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Solyanka soup recipe, Russian smoked meat soup

Meat Solyanka is a well known Russian and Ukrainian soup with sour and smoked meaty flavour. There are meat, fish and  vegetable (mushroom) Solyanka versions but today we are cooking the meat one. Russian barrel salted (not pickled!) cucumbers are always used … Continue reading

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Russian Pickled (Sour) Cabbage

Sauerkraut (pickled, sour, salted cabbage) is very traditional for Northern and Eastern Europe. Widely known in the world is Sauerkraut of German origin and it is slightly different from traditional Russian┬ásour cabbage. German Sauerkraut has a very sharp salty and … Continue reading

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Russian potato salad Olivier recipe

Is Olivier salad the best known Russian dish? It is definitely one of the most loved and popular with Russians themselves. Olivier salad, or Russian (potato) salad, is an ‘unavoidable’ part of the New Year table, a large bowl of … Continue reading

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