Dill herb uses

Dill, a feathery aromatic herb and dry dill seeds, is a popular ingredient for Russian recipes and food

Dill herb - a popular ingredient in Russian food and recipes
Dill herb – a popular ingredient in Russian food and recipes

People grow dill (as well as parsley) herb all over Russia and it has always been quite frequently used in Russian food. Boiled potatoes toped with butter and chopped dill is a dish of its own. Fresh dill herb is often used in salads and you can see dill leaves in bunches served with assorted fresh vegetables. Fresh or dry dill stems are a must for any kind of Russian pickles. You can also use fresh dill leaves to decorate your dishes.

Fresh or dry dill stems, seeds or whole seed-heads will give a nice savoury and flavoured aroma to a bouillon (stock), soup or casserole. To flavour your dish lock the dill seeds in the tea strainer and place it deep in the pot so that the tea strainer is totally covered with liquid. Cook dill stems and seed-heads in your soup, stock or casserole. They are easy to catch and get out when the dish is ready and flavoured.

Dill Seeds
Dill Seeds


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