Kulich Easter Bread Dupe

Kulich Russian Easter Bread dupe is Panettone Italian Christmas cake

Easter is coming and I just wanted to share this idea as I thought someone may find it useful for the future. Russian Kulich bread (Kulich cake) recipe for Easter is very similar to the recipe of Italian Panettone. Of course, you can make and bake your own Kulich if you are good at baking (I am not so good). Baking Kulich is not an easy venture; it takes time, patience and skill. That is why I find Panettone to be a perfect alternative to Russian Easter bread Kulich. So grab a Panettone at a post-Christmas sale and keep it secret and safe until Easter!

Kulich Russian Easter bread alternative is Panettone Italian Christmas cake
Kulich Russian Easter bread alternative is Panettone Italian Christmas cake

Maybe I should have published it around Christmas time though it would have been quite peculiar again: writing about Kulich Easter bread (cake) around Christmas. The point is: traditional Italian Christmas bread Panettone is a great dupe for Russian Easter bread Kulich.

Panettone resembles Kulich a lot in cylindrical shape, rich aroma and taste. You can get Panettone with raisins and other dry fruit, succade (candied flesh and and peel of citrus fruit), sliced almonds and chocolate chips. You can often find a packet of icing sugar in the box with Panettone so you can powder your Kulich (in the photo). Alternatively it is not difficult to make your own icing and top your Kulich (it’s probably a more traditional look) or just go without any topping if you prefer.

Kulich Russian Easter bread dupe is Panettone Italian Christmas cake

Panettone bread is usually well packed in a plastic bag and the best before date is around Easter. So you are fine to use it as a replacement for Russian Easter bread Kulich and cheat your way around slaving in the kitchen for hours! Happy Easter!

Naturally dyed Russian Easter eggs

In the pictures you can see Italian Panettone in the role of Russian Easter bread Kulich with some of my naturally dyed eggs. The logo in the picture above and on the top of the page is of my other Russian-language website:  CountrysideLiving.net.


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